Big Data Law in Canada

Big Data Law in Canada


As of September 25, 2019, the 11th and final chapter of this legal compilation is in its final stages of writing. The anticipated release date is in early October 2019. This publication will be available via eBook download and separate web articles.

Big Data Law in Canada will cover the Canadian privacy law framework, cybersecurity legal standards, data privacy litigation, commercial electronic messages, transborder data flows, government data surveillance, the right to be forgotten (right to erasure), artificial intelligence, big data competition/anti-trust, and digital authentication.

The target audience ranges from startup entrepreneurs to compliance professionals at large corporations. All propositions are cited for the benefit of lawyers and legal academics.

The draft of this publication is over 40 pages in Word, single-spaced. The length of the eBook, with proper spacing and pictures, is expected to be well over 40 pages.