Two Steps: Quote Before Retainer

Step 1 (for a quote)  Complete our client intake form (below).

We will then provide a scope of work and quote, usually within 24 hours.

You can thereafter decide to retain us, or not. If you would like to retain us, we will provide retainer documents to formalize the engagement.


Step 2 (to retain us) — Submit the following to us:

  • executed retainer documents.

  • retainer payment.



Step 1: Client Intake Form

We require the following information to: (a) determine if we are in conflict, (b) provide a scope/quote for work, and (c) fulfill our basic obligation to collect client information (see LSO By-Law 7.1, s.22(1)(a)).

If you decide to retain us, please note that for certain types of engagements, we may be required to obtain additional client information, and verify the identity of the client and any instructing corporate representatives. (See LSO By-Law 7.1, s.22(1)(b)ROPC, r.3.2-7.2 and Commentary at paras. 3 and 3.1).


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