IT, Software, & Internet Contracts


IT, Software & Internet Contracts


For consistent operations, internet ventures of any type and size should address and formalize relationships with third party developers, third party integrated platforms/products, users, employees, and marketing organizations. These relationships are managed via the following contracts:  

  • Licensing agreements.

  • Co-development agreements.

  • Co-marketing agreements.

  • Software development agreements.

  • Employee and independent contract agreements.

  • Escrow agreements.

  • Maintenance and support agreements.

  • Cloud, SaaS and Fog computing agreements.

  • Hosting agreements.

  • E-mail and internet use policies.

As your IT lawyers, we can draft and negotiate these contracts, or represent you in a dispute arising from one of these contracts.

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Internet & E-Commerce


As your internet & e-commerce lawyers, we handle issues arising from internet/platform use, internet advertising, domain ownership, and e-commerce. Our specific areas of focus in this space include:

  • Internet contracts.

  • User content issues.

  • Terms of use.

  • Cookie policies.

  • Anti-spam legislation (CASL).

  • Domain name transfer agreements.

  • Social media policies.

  • Electronic signatures.

  • Competition law (promotional contests), and on-line advertising.

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Procurement of IT Services


We assist with procuring talent when third party assistance with software development and platform servicing is desired. As your IT procurement lawyers, we are comfortable working between the private/public sectors while representing your interests further to:

  • Requests for proposals.

  • Statements of Work.

  • Change orders.

  • Amendments.

  • Legal issues regarding deployment/roll-outs, and management processes.

  • Issues regarding Ontario's Supply Chain Guideline (2009), and Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive (2011).

  • Emerging issues from the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (2017).

  • NAFTA/USMCA and other international free trade agreement issues.

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