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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Our blockchain law practice involves business model & white paper assessments, ICOs/ITOs, securities, tax, privacy, trusts, blockchain third party liability, smart contract agreements and due diligence, PoW and PoS blockchain models, disclaimers, forking, and multi-node agreements.

Our cryptocurrency law practice includes cryptocurrency contracts, virtual currencies and MSBs, AML & KYC, trading and tax, securities, value manipulation, financial institutions, banks and banking, fiduciary duties, monetary instruments, payment systems, and mining.

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Data Privacy & Artificial Intelligence

We draft data privacy policies and breach plans, define the minimum required cybersecurity standard, and act for parties post-breach with respect to reporting requirements, defending or prosecuting a breach. We also advise big data ventures on best practices involving artificial intelligence.

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IT, Software, & Internet Contracts

We draft and litigate IT and internet contracts governing relationships with third party developers, third party integrated platforms/products, users, employees, and marketing organizations.

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General Counsel

For matters of great complexity, we will act as your company's General Counsel to coordinate a multi-jurisdictional team of lawyers for your blockchain-related legal compliance campaign or dispute.

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